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Reiki Training and Classes

Price and Schedule is Variable per demand and offerings.

Thank you for your interest in taking the next step with Reiki by learning the practice for yourself.  Within a Reiki course you will learn the fundamentals of Reiki and receive attunement for the current level you are studying.

Level 1 Attunement includes:

  • A discussion on the history of Reiki

  • A detailed investigation on the practice of Reiki and how/why it works

  • A discussion on the energy body and the chakras

  • The sequence of the hand placements during a Reiki session

  • The fundamental principles that guide the daily action of a Reiki practitioner

  • Attunement to Level 1 and instructions on what to do to continue building the energy

  • Course length is roughly 5 hours

Level 2 Attunement includes:

  • A more detailed investigation into the practice of Reiki

  • Learning the three primary Reiki symbols

  • Multiple opportunities to practice Reiki on other practitioners to learn how to deepen your skills and ensure correct placement

  • A deeper investigation into the chakras

  • Discussion and teaching on how to read other’s energy

  • The attunement to level 2 and instructions on what to do to continue your progress as a Reiki practitioner

  • Course length is roughly 5 hours

Level 3 Master Attunement includes:

  • A complete discussion on the light body of the client and how to work within this energy

  • Review of grounding practices and transmission of the energy

  • Comprehensive overview and revision on your practice to date

  • Opportunities to share Reiki with other students to review theory and hand placement

  • Discussion on moving forward with Reiki as a master and teacher

  • A discussion on distance Reiki and additional, supplemental attunements

  • Learning the Reiki master symbol

  • Attunement to level 3, the master level, and instructions on what to do to continue your progress as a Reiki master

  • Course length is roughly 6-7 hours

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