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The cultivation, awareness, and understanding of the Chi (or Vital Life Energy) within is my passion and career and it is my pleasure to help you unlock your inner energy and let it flow like water.

I have been working with Reiki since 2006 (Usui Reiki Grandmaster Teacher, Kundalini/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher)
and received my meditation/pranayama/Ashtanga Yoga teacher certification in 2016

In addition to the above I also run corporate wellbeing workshops in Hong Kong and couple therapy intensive retreats with my partner in Hong Kong, SE Asia, Europe and the Americas

My focus is squarely on your wellbeing, and connecting you directly with the Chi within, empowering you to heal and life your life to it's fullest potential.

Flow Like Water


Renew a sense of balance, health, and wellbeing via the connection to the Chi within

Chi (Ki, Qi, or Prana) all refer to the vital life force.  This life force is the energy that we feel in every living being, in every organism, pulsating through every cell in our body. Chi is breath, it is silence, it is the space between, it is light, it is limitless, and it is you.

My passion as a Reiki Grand Master in Usui Reiki, and a Reiki Master in both the Tibetan and Kundalini traditions, as well as a teacher and practitioner of meditation, praynama (the mastery of one’s breath) and yoga is to assist you on your journey and to help you connect and nurture the Chi within.

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Reiki/Energy Healing

Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan in the early 1900’s. This art channels Chi (energy) into the client and provides a deep sense of relaxation and peace as it works on the subtle energy body of the client. Allowing the Chi to move through the body has similar effects as acupuncture or any other traditional energy practice.
My clients find Reiki deeply calming, and are left in a state of balance within which the body can naturally heal. 

Distance Reiki

With a distance Reiki session, the client will be able to receive a Reiki session anywhere via Skype or any video conference platform. Reiki utilizes universal energy (which is not limited by space and time) so it can easily be transmitted to the client and you will still enjoy a deep sense of relaxation and the healing properties of Reiki from the comfort of your home.

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Meditation is an integral component of energy work and I am honored to be able to assist you on your personal journey. Meditation classes can be either one on one or as a group and can be individually focused to meet your specific health, relaxation, spiritual or personal needs.

What to Expect

Courses Customized to Your Needs

I am completely dedicated to your health and progress on your journey. As such, you won’t find my sessions rushed or routine. You will have a very personalized experience that targets in on your specific goals be that either with Reiki or with Meditation.

Small Group Sessions, Guaranteed

The power of a small group, focused on energy work, is tremendous. All group sessions will have a common, collective theme and will still enjoy the personalized attention of my individual sessions via one on one communication both pre and post session.

Focused And Integrated Approach

As a teacher of multiple disciplines of energy work (Yoga, Meditation, Reiki) the client will receive a wealth of integrated knowledge and personal experience to help them along their journey. There is never just one approach or angle to an issue and I believe that my extensive background both as an energy practitioner and teacher (of science and social science as well as energy work) will only deepen your experience as a client. I offer my services in plain English, from both a scientific and holistic background, with no pretense or hyperbole.

Featured Courses


Reiki/Distance Reiki Sessions

45-60 Minute Sessions
90 minutes/session

Reiki Training and Classes

Price and Schedule is Variable per demand and offerings.


Group Meditations

Maximum 10 Pax/Class

Private Session Pack


Reiki/Distance Reiki Session Pack in DB

$3000 HKD

Course Length 5 Hours

 Discount to $1600/Person if 5+ Enroll

 Attunement, certificate, and course material provided

Private Meditation Practice Pack

$3000 HKD

Savings of $400 HKD
4 Sessions

Reiki Session Pack in Central


Advanced bookings can be used for any classes within 3 months of purchase

Reiki Training and Certification


Reiki Level One Attunement Course

$1800 HKD / Person

  • Course Length ~4 Hours

  • Attunement, certificate, and course material provided

  • Contuning support and guidance offered free of charge post training

  • Enrollment into the largest online community for Usui Reiki practitioners

Reiki Level Two Attunement Course

$1800 HKD / Person

  • Course Length ~4 Hours

  • Attunement, certificate, and course material provided

  • Contuning support and guidance offered free of charge post training

  • Enrollment into the largest online community for Usui Reiki practitioners

Reiki Master Level Certification

$4000 HKD / Person

  • Three 5 hour courses spread over three months

  • Attunement, certificate, course material, continuing support and reiki master groups provided

  • Business development and support provided post training

  • Enrollment into the largest online community for Usui Reiki practitioners

Additional Reiki Attunements

$1800 HKD / Person / Attunement

  • Course length 1-3 hour

  • Attunement, certificate, and course material provided

  • Tibetan and Kundalini Reiki Attunements to Levels 1-3(master)


To deepen your practice outside of our sessions

I’ve also got a Youtube channel where you can find a wealth of videos created to help all of you on your journey. Here you will find videos to help with meditations, or questions you may have, how to overcome hurdles along your way or how to deepen your practice. These videos will serve as a great companion to our private sessions and it is my pleasure to bring these to you.

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